Théâtre St-Bruno Players's fall production of "Opening Night" by Norm Foster played to a nearly full house on Friday 4th of December and a packed house on Saturday 5th December 1998.
For those who missed the show here is a small montage showing the eight members of the cast, Roy Abraham, Bill Gubbe, Lois Dimoff, Tim McSorley, Peter Crooks, R.J.Ménard, Margaret Abraham & Susie Cummins.
Thanks to all those theatre club members who contributed to the show in many major and minor ways too numerous to list. Thanks also to Grant McSorley who treated patrons in the lobby to a display of magical sleight of hand during the interval.
Congratulations to directors Sandra McCallum & Andrée Taylor for an excellent production.
Last but not least many thanks to the Mayor of St-Bruno & to his Staff who spared no effort to help us with the production.
We trust that you, our audience, enjoyed the show as much as we enjoyed presenting it. Thankyou for attending in such large numbers. We look forward to seeing you and all your friends at our next production in April 1999. Watch this space & local newspaper for details.
David McCallum, Producer, Opening Night

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